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Do you suffer from pain in the ball of your foot? Find relief while sleeping.
FootRestore eases your daytime foot pain while you sleep at night. In many cases, the pain relief felt by wearing FootRestore will eliminate the need for risky and expensive surgery. If you have had surgery, FootRestore can aid in healing process.

Unconditional Money Back Guarantee!
Just return FootRestore within 60 days of invoice date with a copy of the invoice for a full refund of product purchase price. Imagine what you have to gain versus what you have to lose dealing with the pain! With free shipping for a limited time, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Watch a YouTube Video of an actual neuroma surgery.....warning, graphic content!
Click here for neuroma surgery video.

Get back to your life of walking and exercise!
There are many problems that can cause pain in the ball of your foot. Some of these are corns, calluses, bunions, Morton's neuroma or just wearing shoes that are too tight in the toes. All of these afflictions have one thing in common: Side pressure to the ball of the foot causes pain.

What some customers are saying!
My name is Todd, and my Morton's neuroma has responded dramatically to the FootRestore. My symptoms were mild for a few years, then I began experiencing severe night pain that woke me most nights.

I'm a senior engineer and could see no reasonable mechanism for the night pain symptom. My research through the available medical literature uncovered no explanation why the severe pain occurs after several hours of quiet sleep. The explanation at your website made mechanical sense to me, so I bought your product.

It works exactly as advertised and gave me instant and effective relief. I have not suffered a single episode of night pain since using it, and my morning numbness and daytime pain are greatly reduced. The foot seems to be healing and improving in a gradual, natural way.

The device does not bother me at all when I sleep, and my wife is glad for the undisturbed sleep for her, too. Yes, wearing a big ring on my foot at night seemed a little foolish at first, but the device works dramatically well and the alternatives were horrible. The night pain was waking me most nights and the lack of sleep was beginning to affect my professional work. The only other option I saw was surgery, which is widely reported as often ineffective or worse, sometimes causing more damage.

Your FootRestore ring is a simple and effective solution that works perfectly for me.
Thank you for the hard work developing this device and bringing it to market.
I'll be wearing it again tonight, and every night.

My name is Kathy V. and I purchased FootRestore around 6 months ago. I have been suffering from Morton's Neuroma for several years but only had it diagnosed around 6 months ago. After searching the internet and wanting to avoid surgery for as long as possible, found FootRestore and decided to try it. I received my FootRestore in good condition and on time and I have been wearing it every night. The FootRestore has significantly helped my Morton's neuroma pain and has enabled me to commence walking again ever day for around 40 minutes. Since using the FootRestore, the relief has been very significant and I have had little to no pain for weeks on end. When I have felt pain, it was the result of walking for long periods in unsuitable footware. The pain disappeared again overnight. I became used to wearing FootRestore very quickly. I recommend FootRestore for anyone suffering from Morton's neuroma pain.
Kathy V

How does FootRestore work?
FootRestore is so new and innovative, it has a patent pending. FootRestore consists of a comfort ring of high-density padding covered with a soft cloth material. When worn around the midfoot, FootRestore moves the widest part of the foot from the ball to the more solid group of bones in the midfoot. At night, FootRestore raises the ball of the foot off the mattress and relieves pressure on the ball of the foot. This pressure relief aids healing.

A new concept that relieves pain while you sleep!
While you are sleeping, your mattress exerts pressure on the ball of your foot. This can make the pain in the ball of your foot worse, or at least slow the healing process. FootRestore addresses the problem of pressure on the ball of the foot when resting or sleeping by moving the widest part of your foot from the ball to the midfoot.

As shown in figure 1 below, the widest part of the foot is the ball of the foot. If you look at the position the ball of the foot while a person is lying on his or her side in bed, it can be easily seen that the ball of the foot receives the majority of the pressure created by the weight of the foot and ankle. This pressure is transferred from the supporting mattress to the ball of the foot and causes painful compression to the ball of the foot. This compression point is typically the area of the neuroma, corn, callus, bunion or tenderness

As shown in Figure 2 above, when FootRestore is worn, it moves the widest part of the foot from the ball to the midfoot or tarsus. When the widest part of the foot is moved to the midfoot, pressure is relieved on the ball of the foot when the wearer is sleeping in bed or resting. As shown above, the weight of the ankle and calf cause the ball of the foot to be raised off the mattress by the FootRestore.